Mother & Baby

High DHA fish oil for use before, during and after pregnancy

Efamol® Mother & Baby provides an unprecedented 375mg of DHA per softgel alongside EPA and AA in a clinically researched product.

DHA and AA are both shown to be essential for optimal neurodevelopment in the growing foetus. This translates into optimal cognitive processing, eye function and coordination in the offspring. There is even some evidence to suggest that supplementation with DHA in utero may help support healthy behaviour patterns in the offspring. EPA is incorporated in the formula for its benefits for optimal health and is also naturally present in breast milk.

Recent scientific research on Efamol® Mother & Baby has shown that this formulation supports the maintenance of a healthy fullterm pregnancy and a healthy birthweight. This is of significance as having a premature birth or a child with a low birth weight substantially increases the risk of neonatal complications and developmental delays.

Supplementing with Efamol® Mother & Baby during pregnancy may also reduce the liklihood of the offspring developing ezcema or allergies. Mother & Baby is also essential during breastfeeding as it supports the production of nutritious breastmilk and ensures that breastfeeding mums do not develop depleted stores of essential fatty acids.



Before, during and after pregnancy to support optimal essential fatty acid nutrition for brain, nerve and eye tissue health in the developing foetus and growing infant and to replenish mothers depleted stores.



One or two softgels daily.


Ingredients per softgel:



Mother & Baby is highly recommended for use before, during and after pregnancy. It can be taken in conjunction with a folic acid supplement which is also recommended prior to conception and during pregnancy to support the healthy neural tube development of the foetus.


Available in the following sizes:

60 Softgels, 120 Softgels